A Calendar-concept that aims for a healthy future of our planet.

2019 – #FXCKRLGN
2020 – #2(C)020

It all started in the Summer of 2017. Marisa was on the edge of completely stopping her activities in front of the camera. She still had a bunch of fun roaming the world, meeting new people and getting creative with who-ever crossed her path but she wasn’t able to find that blissful feeling of fulfillment anymore. Right before Marisa was about to turn the page, she found herself on Belmont Shore, Long Beach. Marisa loves to run exactly where the water meets the sand but not on this day,  corpses of sea birds where spread out over the entire shoreline. From a place of death, #plasticsushi was born. When she got back home, she started to write some photographer-friends to see if they would be interested in collaborating on a project like #plasticsushi. 

During those next few weeks, Marisa travelled to Mexico, Bali, Greece and Holland to translate the problems our Oceans are facing into beautiful black and white artworks.

#plasticsushi was a huge success and was able to raise the awareness Marisa had hoped for. 
So instead of turning this page in her life, and basically throwing out the book, she wrote an entire new chapter.
She started to use her body to express a message that goes beyond words.
To show cruelty but also unity.
To show pain but also possibilities.

Each year the profit of the Calendar goes out to an organization of choice that’s linked to that year’s message.