The Poem

We all are sphinxes in this sphere.
Holding the power of our faith,
if we would only realize what that true power would mean.
Heartless hybrids we chose to be.
Living in fear.
Separated from ourselves and from each other.
How can one believe that he stands in opposition to the infinite circle of life?
We all know;
Naked is the body,
Clothed is the mind.
And faceless are our procrastinated mistakes.
But there’s no way to unsee what has been seen,
The sun won’t stop beating us down.
The sun will shine ever so bright,
until there’s no more place to hide.
Exposing the hidden horror off the swords by those so-called knights.
You are slipping through our fingers, Mother Nature.
Melting away.
Because we’ve never been able to understand our responsibility.
Because we haven’t been able to use our consciousness to protect,
instead of consuming to excess.
Remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

There’s no more time to sleep under that soothing moonlight.
There’s young girls fighting the good fight of our faith,
for our future,
The future we all share.
Oh Mother Earth, the future…
What will this be?

You whispered to me,
When I crawled through your stream,
When you made my hair wave with your breath,
When I held my body against your walls,
When your tears kissed my face,
When I nestled myself down in your womb.
A whisper so loud and clear,
there is no way to unhear.
I will forever hold you dear.

But what to do with those whispers now?
How can I help?

Our elders gather and shout, fly on G-5s to Paris to proclaim.
Oh yes this is change, maybe they’ll try or maybe I’ll just cry.
Words shouted and complaints leveed, all loud but yet so empty.
Net 0 CO2 isn’t a goal, it’s an aim to break a corporate mold.
Fossil fuels cripple us so,
It gives us cars and carries us to shows. Let’s not fully remove but set a high goal.

Invest in solar and feel the warmth of Mother Nature,
Build our fans higher and process her gentle wonder.
Our dams grow old with little room to fit a mold. It seems built to fit a season and never built for to fit the reason.

Let’s face our faults and unite.
Join our hands and hold tight, because we don’t stand by as our glaciers fall and oceans rise.
It’s time to turn the tides.

Agenda 2020

Photographed in Iceland.
2020 AGENDA (A6-format)
Quotes + Poem + Full-Moon-Calendar

Produced with 100% recycled materials.
Retouching by Eclipse Retouch.
Graphic Design by Engra Rodriguez.


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